Welcome to Benevento

Modern, meet classic. Classic, meet modern. Portland, meet Benevento.

The Benevento is a 24-unit LEED Platinum mixed-use apartment building in Northwest Portland. The Benevento is a cozy building that offers both a respite from the city and entry into a vibrant, emerging neighborhood.

Meet Rocky Benevento

They say he was the symbol of an era—hardworking, humble, salt of the earth. When we heard the story of Rocky Benevento Sr., the beloved groundskeeper of Vaughn Street Park and the Portland Beavers for forty years, we remembered why local heroes matter. For thousands of people in the NW district, Rocky was a symbol of kinder and simpler times. Of push mowers and roasted peanuts and letting the kids into the game for free.

Rocky Benevento is a name that we Portlanders should know. His love of baseball was surpassed only by his passion for the community and belief in good citizenship. Let’s all be a little more like Rocky.

 96 -Very Walkable